We live in the Information Age.  Every process, from sales to sex, has been broken down into its constituent parts so that, in theory, anybody can pick them up and follow the same series of steps and get the same results as the proprietor.

Sounds empowering, right?  It is, in the sense that it demystifies success (and knowledge).  Now anyone can have success, not just a chosen few.

But what if the steps happen not to work for you? 

Either start asking questions, and feel alienated if the guru gets defensive. Or, in my opinion more damaging to self and others in the long run, pretend it worked for you (and bully or lecture anyone who questions you).

There are a couple of things at work here.

The steps that work for the expert may not necessarily work for you because you are a different person.  More importantly, following someone else’s steps doesn’t necessarily help you discover your own resources, your own unique strengths. 

Followers of “7-easy-steps-to-success” also never get to experience the temporary breakdown, the state of chaos and uncertainty that I believe is necessary for creativity. 

If you approach your chosen guru or trusted expert expressing uncertainty, uncomfortable emotions, and chaos….does he or she blame it on your failure to get with the program, and try to whip you into shape to get back on track…

Or does he or she congratulate you?