Maybe one of the following things is true about you….

  • You don’t feel passion, purpose, energy or alignment with your values at work, but you keep your job because you need to pay the bills. 
  • You don’t like your job, but you don’t know what else you’d do instead, and not knowing makes it easy to procrastinate.
  • You are ready to make a change, but go through many brief starts-and-stops because you don’t receive enough support from people around you who are committed to the status quo.

Whatever the reason, you know life could be more fulfilling, but dreaming doesn’t turn into doing.  Or, you know exactly what you want to do, and you are on the edge of something beautiful and terrifying.

So why haven’t you gone for it?  Is it because you lack some superhero personal qualities that only successful people have?

The truth could be that you are missing two very simple and easy, but often overlooked, factors in life success.

  • Self-awareness:  you grew up surrounded by ducks, and were taught to act like a duck in order to succeed, even though you are really a swan (or maybe an ostrich).  Unlike the fairy tale, we humans can go much longer even fooling ourselves about who we are, and then wondering why we lack vitality and passion.  Until now.
  • Community support :  the myth of the self-made man is everywhere in North American culture.  It isn’t true.  All “successful” people have a support team.  If your tribe doesn’t exist yet, create it yourself.  Or join mine.