People who read this blog regularly know that I am not a preacher of “your thoughts create reality”.  That prescription creates more burdens than it alleviates.  I had an interesting thought recently, though, about the metaphors we use to describe our lives.  Metaphors are a great way to vividly express complex thoughts and feelings in one simple picture.  No wonder people like to use them.  However, I thought about times those words might be limiting.

Think about what words you use to describe success.  Is it “clawing your way up”?  Why do we represent success as “climbing a ladder”….or directionally “up” at all?  The top of a hierarchy, that’s why.  (Of course I could speculate as to why the status pyramid is represented as top-down, since it makes just as much sense to put the leader at the bottom, supporting the whole structure.  Sky-based religions in which heaven is up?  Leaders standing on platforms, or hills?  Anyways.)

In any case, nowadays more people are, or considering, working for themselves.  Is the “up” metaphor relevant anymore?  At “the bottom of the heap”, you may feel squished, or sat on – but the supportive earth is also there.  So what about sinking into success, or mellowing down into it? If you are currently experiencing difficulty, have you described yourself as “stuck”?  Now imagine you are literally, physically stuck in something.  Not a pleasant sensation, is it?  Now look back at your life:  are you really stuck, or did someone just tell you you were, and you started using that word?  Whose metaphors are you using?  🙂

What words do you use to describe your current situation, and what you want to do next from there, and your goal?

Do the words you use imply struggle, or relaxation?  Condensing and tensing, or expanding?  Letting go, or holding on?  Effort, or ease?